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This week the team moved into its new office in an old warehouse on the Suzhou Creek. A good reason to throw a party, and so we did!

Coincidentally the party was the night before Shanghai Bloggercon, so many of the bloggers that made Toodou well-known were able to attend as well. Furthermore, the traditional media were there, several VC’s, and of course lots of friends. In total about 200 people showed up, and it was already busy before the official starting time of 8 PM.

To add to the fun, we decided to allow anybody to put graffiti on the white walls. At first only a few people made some paintings, but when one professional artist took out his airbrush suddenly everybody started to ‘help’. The result: a very colorful office! Interestingly, most people did not sign their creations with their names, but with their weblog addresses.

IDG, the company that invested in Toodou, also put its name on one of the pillars. But it seems that another VC (who I won’t name) was not so impressed with them, because a few minutes later he put a big cross through IDG’s name!

All pictures from the party can be viewed and downloaded here

Update: Just noticed that Fons Tuinstra already put an entry on his blog before I had a chance to write.

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