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Sprained ankle

I trained very hard for the past weeks for the Shanghai Marathon. For the first time no real injuries, at least no injuries that lasted more than a few days. I was feeling great and was ready for the race. But what happened last night? After leaving the gym I slipped on the stairs (3 steps only) at the entrance and sprained my ankle. It hurt a lot but I did not want to give in and actually tried to run a bit on it. Not smart, afterwards it got much worse and I could hardly sleep at night from the pain when the blanket touched my foot. This morning I could not take more than a few limped steps.

So what should I do now? My wife wants me to go see a doctor, but I don’t really want to go. Well, the doctor might give some advice, but going to see a doctor takes always so much time in China. A quick internet search gave me lots of information already. I will wait a few hours to see how things go. If I still cannot walk I might go to get some crutches.

The worst thing is that I might not be able to run the marathon. Many weeks of intensive training for nothing… That’s probably another reason why I do not want to go to a hospital: they will advise me not to run, and that’s something I don’t want to hear right now.

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