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Shanghai marathon start number

This afternoon I went to pick up the start number for the Shanghai marathon. Even though I wom’t be able to run it due to my injury, I wanted to pick it up anyway. I got a nice running shirt (not a normal t-shirt, but a special Mizuno shirt that keeps dry during running), a marathon chip, a book with info about the Shanghai Marathon and some sponsored things like chewing gum. In total there will be over 10,000 participants for the marathon, half-marathon and fun-marathon (4.5 km). Because I was quite late with signing up I expected a high start number, but it turns out I got start number 132.

When I looked at my name in the book I noticed they put me in there as being from Germany. A closer look revealed that there are only very few Dutch participants, but a lot of Germans with Dutch names. What happened? Everybody who wrote down Dutch as nationality was automatically put as German (Deutsch).

Picking up the number did not go too smooth: I waited for almost 1.5 hours, it went incredibly slow. Many people had questions and most people still had to pay a deposit for the chip. Furthermore many names could not be found due to misspellings (my name was written as Vanderchijs instead of Van der Chijs for example). I hope for the participants that the organization this Saturday will be better.

I wish I could particpate, but my ankle still hurts when walking so it is not smart to do it. At least I don’t need the crutches anymore. The doctor told me not to run for a month (if I injure my ankle again things will be much worse), but it is very tempting to give it a try anyway.

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