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Bribe-givers to be blacklisted

According to an article in the China Daily, the government has decided to introduce a black list of all companies and individuals that have offered bribes in sectors such as construction, finance, education, and government procurement. The hope is that this will reduce corruption.

But will it really? First of all giving bribes and kick-backs is so common that it will be a huge list. So I suppose only the big cases will end up there. Second, it could have the exact opposite effect. If someone needs vendors for the company he works for and is looking for some money on the side for himself, he can use the list to find suitable suppliers!

The article also includes a sentence I do not fully understand: “The maximum penalty for a bribe-taker is the death sentence. But in reality, punishment for bribe-takers is usually much heavier.” Does the China Daily employ any editors who check the articles before they are published?

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