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This morning for the first time I had the feeling that autumn is starting (I don’t like to use the word ‘fall’, it sounds depressing). It was raining, a bit windy and the streets around my office were full of fallen leaves. Sitting in the back of a taxi it was interesting to observe people who were struggling to get a taxi as well (when it rains it is impossible to get a taxi on the streets, especially in the morning – that’s why I always reserve taxi’s in advance when driving to work).

Temperatures in Shanghai are still OK, today around 21 degrees Celcius (70 degrees F). But a week ago we still had 26 degrees, so it is getting cooler quickly now. I don’t look forward to the Shanghai winter. It is not really cold (it hardly ever drops below freezing), but because it is humid and none of the buildings have central heating it feels cold everywhere. Beijing winters, with its very cold but dry air, are much better. And at least you know that when you are cold outside, it will be warm inside the buildings.

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