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Strange drinks

The Indian Times reports that export of fine Scotch whiskies has gone to an all-time high (source: China Digital Times). Why? Because Chinese mix it with green tea and ice cubes, and then drink it. This is not the only ‘strange’ drink you will see being poured in Chinese bars. Red wine is a good example: many Chinese do not really like it, but ordering an expensive bottle gives you face. So what do you do? You add some ice cubes to start with, and if it is still not drinkable you can poor some Coca-Cola or Sprite in as well. If you do it with a cheap bottle of wine, I don’t mind (in winter I also make gluehwein with RMB 30 bottles of Great Wall wine), but why buy a bottle that costs at least 10 times as much and then add other ingredients? It reminds me of business drinking sessions where I sometimes have to participate in which good bottles of wine are ordered and then you have to drink it ‘ganbei’ (ad fundum, without tasting it drinking the whole glass at once).

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