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Skype and weblog blocked?

I am back in Shanghai after a great honeymoon. When I checked my weblog last night I found that it did not load. But loading it using a proxy was no problem. Ergo, my blog is blocked in China, although I can still upload. Welcome home!

Then I tried to use Skype. My wife told me that she could not log in, but my Skype seemed to work fine (I had not logged off from the Skype application in days, only hibernating my computer). I called our home number with SkypeOut to see if it worked, and the phone rang. But when I logged off and tried to log on again I could not start Skype anymore. I hope it is just a temporary glitch. I read the reports that SkypeOut would be blocked in China, but not that the whole application would not work anymore. This really angers me. I use Skype intensively, both privately and for my work. If it suddenly does not work anymore I have a serious problem.

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