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National Holiday-lag

I realize it is a Sunday night now, but for me it feels like the middle of the week. Not a jetlag but a National Holiday-lag. Why? This weekend was a working weekend in China. Each of the 3 official holidays (Spring Festival, May 1, and October 1) give Chinese 5 days off in a row. But in order to compensate that people have to work either the weekend before or after the vacation. This time it was the weekend after the holiday, so I spent the weekend in my office. Got lots of work done, as not many emails or phone calls came in, I suspect that most people took an additional two days off. The good thing is that I caught up with all my emails and other things that were waiting for me after my honeymoon. Also managed to upload all pictures from my wedding to (many people sent me there pictures, thanks!), and my honeymoon pictures to

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