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Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

On Sunday we went to visit some friends (Josie and Mark) who are living in Discovery Bay. Although I have been to Hong Kong many times I had never been there, and it was an interesting experience.

Discovery Bay is a luxurious community on Lantau Island (not far from Disneyland – you can watch the fireworks every night!). Cars are not allowed in Discovery Bay, and you can only get there by ferry (25 minutes from Central) or by bus from other parts of Lantau Island. DB consists of many low- and highrises around the coastline and the beaches, with a central area with restaurants, shops and the ferry terminal. It looks a bit like a resort, but one where people live full-time, and is a huge contrast to the crowded city. Because there is a ferry several times per hour (after midnight less regular) it is a good alternative to living in the city.

DB has its own club with swimming pools, tennis etc., and there is a marina with some very nice yachts. Residents get around in golf carts (that apparently sell for around EUR 60,000 (!) because they are limited and need a license) or by walking or biking. You can literally start hiking in the mountains from your back door. I had a one hour run in and around the community and was impressed. There is still a small fishing village next, and from there the hiking trails start. Within a few minutes you are in the middle of nature! After my run I had a short swim in the sea to cool off. I loved it.

During the afternoon we took a small ferry from DB to Peng Chau where we had a one hour hike to the top of Finger Hill. The view from there over the surrounding islands (and Disneyland) is great. Peng Chau is still very laid back, and still is a bit like Hong Kong 50 years ago. Also here no cars, but that probably also had to do with the fact that there are no real roads, but only foot and bike paths.

Just before 7 PM we took ferry back to Central, and half an hour later we were shopping again in downtown HK. Should I ever decide to move to HK, then I will certainly consider living in Discovery Bay.

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