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Dan Dan Mian

Note to self: while eating dan dan mian concentrate on eating that, and do not do anything else.

What happened? I was having lunch at the Wanchai restaurant between our office and the Four Season’s hotel. I ordered a bowl of dan dan mian (spicy Sichuan noodles in a red chili soup – my favourite dish), and while enjoying this the Ferrari F1 team left the Four Season’s Hotel. Because we were sitting on the second floor at the window, we had a good view of all the activity going on (many people stopped on the street to watch the team and lots of activity of the bell boys at the hotel entrance while the cars and buses pulled up). I kept on eating while focusing on the activity outside. That was not too smart: my previously white shirt is now covered in Ferrari-red stains. I tried to wash it out, but that made it even worse. Luckily I am not meeting any clients anymore today!

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