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Glass bottom boat

On Boracay I met a Dutch guy, Roland, who had quit his job in Holland a couple of months ago looking for more adventure than he had in his job selling roof tiles. So he used his savings to build a glass bottom boat in the Philippines and started a business on Boracay to show tourists the beautiful underwater world around the island. He designed the boat himself, and he did a good job. The boat had room for about 30 people and all of them have a great view of the corals and fishes. His boat was delivered 2 months ago, but he could only start his business 2 weeks ago, due to the slow bureaucratic process of getting the necessary permits. Business was not that good yet, mainly because nobody knew about the boat. I heard about it from Charlie, but when I asked at the tourist center they had no idea what it was or where and when it would leave. Roland told me he distributed plastified flyers all over the island, and gives a pretty good commission to resellers, but for some reasons tourist are not yet coming. I told him to try to get in touch with the South Korean tour groups, they have money and like to be entertained. He said that he tried but that it was very difficult. I told him that increasing prices for these groups and giving a higher commission to the Korean organizers might do wonders. The high season has not started yet, and I think his business could take off quickly once people know about it.

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