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I am a heavy Skype user, even though the quality is not always 100% in China (due to the internet firewall?). One of the many nice things of Skype is that you can also call regular phones, for a very small amount of money (I tried to look up the rates just now, but the site seems to be down in China). However, I now found a Skype competitor that offers calls to regular phones in most of Europe, the US, Australia and even China for free! The company is called I tried it for a few days before posting here, and it is quite stable. The only thing you have to do is put a deposit of EUR 1 in their account. This is not used up, although I don’t think you can get it back either. Without the deposit you can only make calls up to 90 seconds, then the call is automatically disconnected. I don’t know how they do it, but it works. One bad thing, at least for Apple users like me, for now the software only works in a Windows environment. I did not try to run it on Virtual Windows for Mac yet.

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