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Originally uploaded by Marc van der Chijs.

Yesterday Oriental TV came to the office to produce a program about us. They will produce a 25-minute program that will be aired later this week at 7:00 PM. According to the producer, the program has the second highest rating in Shanghai, so lots of viewers probably.

Also the Toodou team was featured yesterday in a 4-page special in the Wai Tan Hua Bao (you won’t see me in the pictures, I was not there when the reporters came to visit), and the front page has a huge full-color picture of some of our team members.

This morning I watched the program that Dragon TV produced last Monday. I felt they did not clearly bring accross the message about what we are doing. One reason is that the item was only five minutes, and they also profiled one of our users during that time. I hope the other program they will produce with this material for CCTV will be better (at least it is longer, I think 15 minutes or so).

Many reviews on the web as well, but most are in Chinese. I came accross this one in English yesterday on

The site keeps growing. Lots of good new video’s and podcasts were uploaded again, and the amount of users keeps increasing. It’s great to see that when some people have an idea and manage to implement that in the right way, that it can be so successful so quickly – and all of that without spending one penny for marketing!

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  1. Hoi Marc,

    Ik las vanochtend een stukje over jou en Toodou in de Financiele Telegraaf. Te gek dat je na een korte tijd al zo succesvol bent en zelfs Nokia bij je aanklopt!! Ik denk dat op termijn het televisielandschap dat we nu kennen volkomen gaat veranderen en dat mensen zelf actief beslissen wat ze willen zien. Ik volg zelf met name P2P TV nauwlettend ( bijv. Cybersky) Hou me op de hoogte! Groeten vanuit A’dam


  2. Ik hoorde ook net dat er een stuk instond. Zal het vanavond even in mijn blog zetten.

    Ik verwacht ook dat over een paar jaar het traditionele TV kijken compleet veranderd zal zijn. Al moet er nog wel een goede (dwz. makkelijk te bedienen) interface tussen PC en TV komen. Wellicht Windows Media Center?