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Online time limits for Chinese gamers

The Dark Plumber of Doom
Originally uploaded by Wakiyamani.

The Chinese government has announced plans to limit the time that gamers can spend online. After 3 hours their characters abilities will be halved and after 5 hours almost all strenght of its characters will be gone. Most big Chinese online game companies have already agreed to include these measures into their games. Of course they have to, otherwise their business licenses will be cancelled.

Will hackers be able to break the code so players can play as long as they want? Very likely, but because most players in China are young people who can only play in internet bars, there will be probably be monitoring systems there as well.

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  1. Now they’ll have to have more than one character – eight if they want to play 24 hours a day. (Might have to change internet cafes as well, I suppose.)

    So much for regulation…