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Internet speed

This weekend the internet speed was once again extremely slow. It started Saturday around noon, when I noticed that I got server timeouts on my Gmail account. This site normally works fine, even on busy times on the net, so when it is not loading on a Saturday afternoon something must be wrong. It turned out that almost half the (foreign) sites I tried to load did not work. Strangely, it was not the case that only European or only US sites worked, it seemed very randomly. I was planning to work on the organization of my honeymoon in the Philipinnes, but that turned out to be impossible, as also here about half the sites of hotels and resorts did not load.

I talked to a friend in Zhejiang province, and he had the same problem. So it seems to be something bigger than just my neighbourhood. And when my parents tried to call me on Saturday night they told me they could not get a connection to my mobile, and had to call three times to my landline in order to get through. Sunday afternoon things suddenly were back to normal again. I could not find anything on the net about it. Was anybody else affected or does anybody know what happened?

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  1. Same problems. Though I’m glad to hear it wasn’t just me. (I was feeling a bit paranoid about it).

  2. Yeah, I also become a bit paranoid sometimes. My former blog could not be uploaded anymore, and some of my other sites got blocked (including my wedding site, I had to move it to a different provider). But it’s probably just a coincidence, and it does not happen just to me.