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Hongqiao new terminal

Hongqiao new terminal
Originally uploaded by Marc van der Chijs.

I thought Hongqiao airport would not get any major renovations anymore, and would be closed down after the second terminal at Pudong would be ready. But this morning I was surprised to see the the new Air China terminal at Hongqiao airport (not sure how long it’s been open, but I have not flown out of Hongqiao for at least two months). Suddenly the check-in area looks like a new airport. Of course that’s all that changed, the rest of the airport is still as crappy as it used to be. I also noted that Hitachi seems to have sponsored the renovation, its name is in huge letters next to the arrival/departure screens when you enter the check-in area, and every single monitor has the Hitachi name in big letters on it. Smart move, because whether you are waiting to check in or waiting for customs you will always have the name Hitachi right in front of you. But I am surprised that a Japanese company and not a Chinese company was chosen for this. Money was probably more important than patriotic feelings.

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