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Apple History

Since about 10 months I am using an Apple computer, and I am extremely satisfied with it. Not one virus hit me in 10 months! Quite amazing, considering that I used to have one about once every 10 days (no, please do not start attacking my computer now…). It is very user friendly, quick, and does not hang itself up. Compatibility with Windows computers is almost 100%, and the few programs that do not run on Apple yet (or not as good, such as the Skype interface) will probably do so soon. And of course Apple’s Operating System is way ahead of Microsoft.

What I did not realize, is that Apple had the same advantage over other computers already more than 20 years ago. Thanks to Rexblog I came across the election issue of Newsweek from 1984 in which all the ads were from Apple. One person scanned all these ads and put them on this page. It is a fascinating read: they are introducing users to cut and paste, which was a revolution back then. And they were the ones who introduced the mouse and the 3.25″ floppy (storage: 400K), I never knew that. I could not believe it when I read that Apple already had an email client in 1984 (MacTerminal), and that you could read the Wall Street Journal or make airline reservations online with an Apple. That is 8 years before I had my first email address!

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