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  1. Hey Marc, there’s a missing h in the the flickr link beginning. But besides that, wow! Never thought a webseries would end up on TV so quickly – and early. That’s the first time I heard that. Good work!

  2. Thanks Jakob, I adjusted the link to Flickr.

  3. Joseph Cheng ?! Wow ! Get ready to get a massive afflux of watcher from the island then 🙂

    Have you met him in person ?

  4. Famous stars certainly help to grow a series virally, both in mainland China as on ‘the island’ 🙂
    I think Joseph Cheng was as the last Tudou BBQ party, which was organized to launch Orange Box for the media. But to be honest I have no clue about famous Chinese actors or singers, so I am not even sure if I met him there or not.

  5. Jo Cheng is a famous Taiwanese actor actually, he played in a lot of drama but particularly in “It Started with a Kiss” and its sequels, very famous drama all around the (chinese) world.

    I think most of the episodes are on Tudou :p

  6. Yeah, I know he is a famous – but I still wouldn’t recognize him because I never watch Chinese drama. I will watch That Love Comes however, so in a couple of weeks that will likely change.

  7. I’ve just read on CNNgo that ????? would eventually be subbed in English? That’s a great great move and I’m really happy that a (Asian) drama producer finally think about that.

    I’ve met quite a few people here in Taiwan working in the drama/tv producing (GTV, IM.TV…etc) and I each time told them that with the rise of the economic and now the cultural power of Greater China, foreign languages subbing is not a useless investment (you just need to take a good to how active are Chinese language drama fansubbing board).

    Looking forward!

  8. It is fascinating that Toudou is now producing dramas for the reason stated in this interview. I have been watching Asian dramas on websites like mysoju, sugoideas, and toudou for about 5 years and discovered the EXACT SAME ISSUE. Mainland dramas are much less entertaining than Korean and Taiwanese.

    My demographic (56 year old, US, caucasian, female)